WWII Re-enactment at the Reading Air-show


WWII Re-enactment at the Reading Air-show


The Battle of Gettysburg took place on July 1st through 3rd of 1863. These photos, taken from the 150th anniversary of The Battle of Gettysburg re-enactment, depict Pickett’s Charge.


On July 4th I had the honor of participating in the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg re-enactment. Over 12,000 Re-enactors attended, over 300 cavalry, and 80,000 spectators. Here is a shout out for a job well done! The event was truly a once in a lifetime experience!


May was a great month! Here I explain the Celtic origins of the May Pole to participants at Smith Castle in Rhode Island at the “Bridge to the Past Event”.


A new reenacting impression! As a pirate in the 1700s! Well not totally there yet…in fact the clothes are looking TOO good despite being period accurate! Most seamen at the time wore the clothes on their backs until they were completely worn. Though, in my favor, you could argue I just pilfered a brand new outfit from the last ship I caught.

A couple weeks ago,I was impressed into a group of privateers who “mugged me”. But what do I mean by mugged?

To impress simply meant to force men who otherwise are not sailors or the original crew members of a ship, to join the crew of a ship and help man it. The British Navy often did this when they were short on crew. Back in the 18th century, sailors could also impress a person into their crew by putting a coin in the bottom of a mug that they were drinking. When the person reached the end of their mug, they would find the coin and the sailors would announce, that since the poor man had taken the king’s coin, he must now be part of the crew. This is why they began making mugs with glass bottoms: so people could see that they were not being tricked into accepting the kings coin, and therefore, would not be tricked into taking a position as a crew member on a ship.



Equestrian Giveaway

The Tumblr community has been so kind and helpful to me I wanted to do something in return, but also honor my beloved horse (Rios mother). Tumblr has always been so quick with useful advice when it comes to horse or pretty much anything. In the past I have put up photos and videos of my horses and Tumblr has always found the answer. This is really the only way I could think of giving back. I am going to do two drawings of this.

Drawing Times-

June 9th 2013 (the 3rd anniversary of Pica Boos death)

August 5th 2012 (two weeks before I go to college)

I will probably do another on around Christmas, but Ill probably start a new post.


you do not have to be following me. Most of the people who give me advice do not follow me.

Reblog and like as many times as you want, just try to be courteous to your followers.  

I will ship internationally.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

What you will win-

(Pictures Above, with possible colors. My family owns an embroidery and screen printing company to customize your winnings)

1.) Polo wraps (horse or pony) (Blue, green, white, black and purple.)

2.) Embroider fly bonnet of your design. (Blue, purple, green, black and white)

3.) Dressage pad or all purpose pad. (Embroider) [Blue, green, black, white, (I can get purple too)].

4.) Customized show bag. (Green/grey, red/grey, black/grey and blue/grey.)

5.) Customized Sports blanket (navy blue, red, athletic grey, black, green, royal)

6.) Customized Challenger jacket (khaki, maroon, steel, black, hunter, navy, red and royal.)

This would be great to have for someone who is a beginner!

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A whole new living history impression for me! Can anyone guess what I am? Stay tuned for the end of the weekend for the answer!

A whole new living history impression for me! Can anyone guess what I am? Stay tuned for the end of the weekend for the answer!


Everyone loves a ball! Back in the 18th century, balls served as a perfect social event. The baroque style dancing allowed people to socialize and meet each other on the dance floor, as well as off.

In the pictures above you see people socializing on the side lines and what is likely an “English country dance” version of baroque dancing. At the beginning of each dance the men would line up on one side, and the women on the other. Through out the dance they would work their way up and down the line, often connecting with other couples. By the end of the dance they would be back in the same positions on the dance floor and amongst the line that they first began in. For an example, think of Jane Austen and all the Pride and Prejudice movies that are out today. The contra-dances you see in those movies are very similar to the baroque dances you might have seen in the 18th century.

Balls were also a great opportunity for flirting, as the dances called for constant eye contact between the couples, allowed for conversation, and more than likely some batting of the eyes! So when you watch another Pride and Prejudice movie, and see couples falling in love on the dance floor, and “standing up” with each other multiple times, you are witnessing a true historical phenomenon!


Getting ready for a regimental ball and found that the 18th century (Revolutionary War Era) red and mint jacket pieces in my kit would actually make pretty nice looking modern day jackets as well! Want to make a modern clothing line based on 18th century clothing anyone? What a way to bring the 18th and 21st century together!

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